Sunday, November 20, 2011

Keep the kickstarter kickin!!

Keep the kickstarter kickin!

So now thanks to kickstarter and our wonderful friends and supporters we now have enough money to print these CDs and DVDs! Yay! Thanks to everyone who has been helping so much with spreading the word and with the generous donations! When we chose our kickstarter goal we were very worried about making too high of a goal since if we were to fall even one dollar short, we would not get even a penny. We just factored in the most basic and immediate of needs.

We still need help though! Please keep spreading the word about the kickstarter! We would love to keep this kickstarter momentum rolling!

We have been chastised many times for our lack of website. If we can keep the donations rolling in we can hopefully have enough money to set up a real website and also have a budget to hire a publicist and buy some ads to get this project released in a really professional way!

Thanks y’all!

Monday, November 14, 2011

MMP Kickstarter Starts Today!

We have launched our kickstarter campaign!!
We are really excited and hopeful that we can raise enough money to finally get both the documentary out and available for purchase as well as our really great CD project.

Please click on this link and check out our kickstarter page. It has some nice links to video clips from the film too!
There is some cool information about the project and a link to see some clips from the film too! If you've got a few spare dollars, rupees, ngultrum, baht, pounds, pesos, or togrog, we've got some very nice gifts for you... Help us out by checking out the site and if you can you can donate too here.

Also we need all the help we can get getting the word out so please share, post, and email this link to anyone that you think might be interested!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

soon to launch our kickstarter

We are happy to announce that we are about to launch a kickstarter to raise funds needed to print and release our completed documentary film and our awesome collaborative CD project! Many folks have been interested in purchasing the final completed projects and we are very happy that we have the projects completed and are finally at this last stage to get them out and available to the public!

We will need all the help we can get getting the word out about our projects and our kickstarter, so please share the link and tell lots of folks about us and how they can help us out.

We will post the link as soon as the project is officially launched, but here are just a few things folks have been saying about the projects who have seen and heard them.

About our film:

"Two traditional musicians from the hills of Virginia take you to the villages of rugged Nepal, where you discover the amazing similarities between Appalachian and Himalayan folk music—and the eerily parallel heritage that gave birth to them both. This vivid portrayal of endangered music and culture celebrates remarkable instruments, foot-tapping sounds, and the people who create them."

Jonathan B. Tourtellot
National Geographic Fellow;
Founding Director, Center for Sustainable Destinations;
Geotourism Editor, National Geographic Traveler

“What they did in that film would not be possible for a lot of people. You don’t get that kind of response from people when you just go interview them. They lived with and jammed with the musicians as a musician. There is no better way to do it!”

Curtis Burch

Grammy award winning musician and one of the founding members of the legendary and pioneering bluegrass band New Grass Revival.

And about our CD Project:

“The CD project, “The Mountain Music Project” beautifully illuminates the parallel experiences of musicians from Virginia and Nepal. We see and hear these fiddlers and flute players, banjo pickers and drummers playing in new urban environs as well as in their native chicken yards. To so many, they represent a constant in the face of changing times and lifestyles. These honorable troubadours keep the old songs and stories alive, reminding us all where we come from.”

Tim Obrien

Grammy Award winning musician and bluegrass and old time music legend.